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Optimizing your WordPress site is easy if you follow the correct steps. However, you still find many people not taking the basic steps to work on the SEO of their WordPress site. So what are some of the things that you have to do to get the most from WordPress SEO.

Title Includes Keyword: The title is considered highly important by the search engines because it is what a user sees in the SERPs when looking for a particular term. For this reason, you want to insert your main keyword in the title of the webpage but make sure you do it sensibly. You have to be careful of making the mistake of taking it to excess and ending up with a keyword stuffed title, which is not advisable. But it’s rather about getting creative in writing your title and make it meaningful. A title needs to let the readers know exactly what to expect. If a particular keyword creates a disjointed effect in the title, then you are better off not including it at all. While keywords in the title are important, they shouldn’t override quality.

Put your URLs to work in the search engine optimization effort as well. You need to change your site’s URL so that it doesn’t display a long string of jumbled up numbers and letters with question marks. These old URLs are clunky, ugly, and incomprehensible to uses and search engines. Using keywords and phrases in the URL is much more attractive to human readers and search engine spiders. Just go to the settings panel and find “permalinks” to make the change. It really is that easy.

Graphics and SEO: Adding a little extra to a written article like an image or picture is critical, especially when you are creating amazing content for your blog. A little look around, online, will reveal the fact that many of the best blogs have pictures that accompany and complement their dishes. All images need to be optimized for the search engines, which is why you should always stay focuses. WordPress blogs have a big advantage over other blogs when it comes to SEO, which is why you should take advantage of this and take you blog to new heights by correctly optimizing the graphics on your site. You should use image titles and ALT tags to describe what the picture is about; this gives you an opportunity to place your keywords here. Search engines highly value images that are optimized; people will not only find your images through the ‘image search’ option, but they’ll also find your site ranking for the keywords that you optimized for. Effective WordPress SEO is all about taking the right step at the right time. The tips that we discussed in this article will help you create a better ranking for your WordPress site and give you an edge over the competition if you apply them the right way.

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